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Modular Home Set

The set is perhaps the most exciting part of the process. Generally, things will go as planned with few surprises—assuming that the site has been properly prepared and the “boxes” parked as planned. The biggest variable is the weather. Check a variety of forecasts and then make a decision with your dealer as to the advisability of postponing the set. Be guided by your dealer and do not “push” him to set your house; if the weather turns on you you'll regret your decision. Rain is a real concern; modular homes are delivered with insulation and drywall installed. It takes hours to get the roof erected. Meanwhile, the roof is wide open to the elements. Due to the complexity of the set the roof may not be completed on the first day of the set. Make sure that your dealer has blue tarps of the proper size available during the set - just in case.

Set - Day 1

The crane and set crew will arrive around 7 AM (set crews and crane operators love coffee and donuts). The crane will take about an hour to set-up and get ready to lift the first box. The set crew will begin “stripping the boxes” which involves removing the plastic shrink wrap and other materials from the modules. Stripping the boxes generates a lot of trash - consider renting a Dumpster during the set (you may decide to keep it for a month or two during the "button-up" process). Make sure that the Dumpster is not in the way during the set.

Set - Day 2

Generally speaking, the crane will complete its work in one day and will leave the site in the afternoon.  If the set is complex (such as a chalet with vaulted ceiling), a crane may be needed on the second day of the set.  Assuming a normal one-day set, the crew will finish shingling the roof and bolting the modules together on Day 2. 

Set - Days 3 & 4

The modular manufacturer will install some of the vinyl siding at the factory.  Due to set considerations, vinyl siding will not be factory-installed at the gable ends nor on the second story of a two-story house.  We recommend that the set crew install vinyl siding.  Installing vinyl siding on a modular home is a job for a specialist-don't try to save money by doing this work yourself. 

Other Set Considerations

 Portable Toilet

Be sure to that there is a portable toilet at the job site on days of set.  Check with your dealer to determine who will provide and pay for the portable toilet.

Job-Site Safety

As the General Contractor, you are responsible for keeping visitors and subcontractors away from the work area during the set.  For everyone’s safety, please ensure that no friends, relatives, children, pets, etc. are in the work area during the set.  In the event that site safely is compromised, the set crew will discontinue work until the site is safe to continue the set.  Delays may result in costs that are passed-on to you. 

Set Crew Priority

We recommend that you do not schedule your subcontractors to perform work on the jobsite until the set crew has completed the set and departed from the job-site.  In the event that site safely or subcontractors on the jobsite compromise the efficiency of the set, the set crew will discontinue work until the subcontractor has left the jobsite.  Delays associated with subcontractors creating an unsafe or inefficient work area may result in costs that are passed-on to you. 

Homeowners are anxious to get their new house finished and will often schedule subs to begin work while the set crew is completing the set.  Having subs on-site wastes more time than it saves.

Lally Columns

 Lally columns of sufficient length (usually 9' - 10' depending upon the height of basement walls) with plates will need to be on-site at the beginning of the set.  Check with your dealer to determine who will provide the Lally columns-you or the dealer.  The set crew needs the Lallys to set the house so be sure that they are on-site before the set begins.  The foundation plan will specify the number and location of the columns.  The Lallys will be installed by the set crew (quantity and location of columns required is dictated by foundation plan).  Because all houses “settle” over time, we recommend that you do not pour the basement floor until after the house has been set.  Pouring the basement floor after the house is set allows the Lally columns to be cemented into the basement floor.  Check with your building inspector regarding any special requirements for Lally column plates and comply with local code requirements.  

Set Scheduling

 Weather can cause a scheduled set to be postponed.  Your dealer will reschedule the set for the next-available date.  Please Note:  the crane and/or set crew may not be available to set your house on the following day.  Your dealer will schedule the set as soon as possible.  Set crews and cranes are generally scheduled for jobs weeks or month in advance and may not be available on the next sunny day.  Be understanding if it is necessary to reschedule the set-your dealer is not responsible for the weather nor the schedules of the set crew or crane.

Completion of Set

Your house may not be completely set in one day due to complexity of set, hours of daylight, weather, temperature, and other factors beyond your dealer’s control.  If roofing is not completed on first day of set, the set crew will tarp roof.  Be sure that your dealer has tarps on-site before they are needed.


We recommend that you have a dumpster on site during the set.  Please check with your dealer before placing dumpster on your site to ensure that dumpster does not interfere with delivery and/or set.        


  • Make sure there is a portable toilet on-site during the set.
  • Keep the job-site safe by restricting access to site by children, pets, visitors, neighbors, subcontractors, etc.
  • Don't schedule your subs to be on-site until the set crew has completed its work.
  • Have Lally columns and plates of the proper length and quantity on-site before the set begins.
  • Be flexible.  The set may have to be rescheduled due to weather or other issues.
  • The set may not be completed on Day 1.
  • Have a Dumpster on-site during the set.  Check with your dealer regarding placement.
  • Have set crew install vinyl siding.

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